THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN in movies edition 2/1/21

KG’s gripe:

Just stop it already. Yes, you screenwriters who think people are in public and just break out into dance when a song is played. And don’t give me flash mob as an example, those people need to be chemically sterilized. Where in the hell have you ever seen that happen? NEVER. Cases in point, Footloose. And if you’ve seen that happen for real, I’d love to know about it.

KI’s gripe:

That Doesn’t Happen – “Walled In” 

Heating bills in movies must be through the roof cause all their walls are made out of paper mache. How do I know this? Well, you ever see a fight in a move where someone gets thrown through a wall? Of course you have. It happens all the time. Movie walls are never made out or concrete or reinforced or, hell, they don’t even have studs holding them up. Sure, if two Marvel heroes are tossing each other around I can believe they’d fly through a wall, but when John Wick throws a random baddy through a few layers of drywall I have to yell – THAT DOESN’T happen!

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