THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN more movie aspects that are just pure tomfoolery 3/22/21 GTSC Podcast

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Kevin Gootee’s choice:

Boy, I’m just flat out done with machines coming back to the present to wipe out a kid who leads the resistance against the machines. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN! But seriously, I’m done with watching people play video games in movies and all they do is mash buttons. Perfect example, 40 Year Old Virgin when Rogen and Rudd are playing Mortal Kombat. Watch the way they hold the controller and smash buttons. You take that Tekken style button mashing shit and ram it up your ass. Because MK is finesse, not what the ruffians do with Eddie Gordo. It doesn’t have to be exaggerated to show to the audience you’re playing video games. THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Kevin Israel’s choice: (And prepare for a theme)

People denting concrete. Have you ever tripped on pavement and fallen? Sure. We all have. And it hurts. BUT, when you got up, did you notice a deep impression left in the pavement? NO! Of course not. There’s all sorts of reasons related to physics and density and other fancy stuff for why this is impossible. But in superhero movies, I’ve noticed that it happens constantly. One super strong being throws another into a concrete wall or down marble stairs, and the surface gets ruined. I understand this is supposed to show how powerful both beings are, but that’s not how it would work. The one getting thrown would go splat, or, if they happen to be invulnerable, they would impact and slide off. It would take a VERY dense, heavy person to break through concrete. Don’t try this at home because, trust me, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!

THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN more movie aspects that are just pure tomfoolery 3/22/21 GTSC Podcast

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