THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN or as they called in the 70’s, “Gimme a Break.” GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee loathes when:

Unless someone can prove to me in person, I declare tomfoolery. When have you ever seen someone strike a match using a shoe, the edge of a bar, the tip of your dick. The ONLY time I saw someone light a match is using their fingernail and that’s it. So let’s stop the trope of the badass protagonist light a match off the jukebox, a random girl’s collarbone, or off a bald eagle’s head.

Kevin Israel loathes when:

Seat belts work. You know those chair straps you put on every time you get into a car? Those things that save lives? Well, they work. But, in movies, they’re just suggestions. Because in a movie, if you get into a head-on collision and you’re NOT wearing one, you’ll probably just get a scrape on your forehead OR you might launch through the windshield and then pop back up to give a funny line. But we’re not in a movie, and in real life you smack into something sans seat belt, you’ll probably get severely injured or die. Me, drive around with no belt? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. (And that’s one to grow on!)

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