THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN Thanksgiving edition 11/25/21

Kevin Israel hates when:

The perfect fit. Fellas, you know when you need a new suit, so you go to the store and the first one you try on fits perfectly? No, of course not, because that doesn’t happen! Well, it does in movies. Characters in films always find the perfect fit. It’s uncanny. Pants never need to be hemmed, coats never need to be taken in, and sleeves are always the perfect length. The next time you find yourself in a tailor at least you’ll know for sure that you’re not in a movie.

Kevin Gootee hates when:

You see movie characters tell a bartender to put it on their tab. I’ve never seen that happen ANYWHERE and wonder where the hell people can get drunk on a promise. Is this like Wimpy from Popeye saying, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a bourbon today?” I know, timely reference. Hey, Channel 11 played those old cartoons and sometimes, you marvel at the garbage our parents had to watch…

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