The BEST #listof10 funniest movie characters

What am I basing this on? Quotability and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still laugh my ass off watching their scenes. Kevin Gootee’s picks in no order.

  1. Steve Stiffler-American Pie. My fucking spirit animal…to a degree. And shit, he MAKES the first film a classic.
  2. Frank Drebin-Naked Gun The absolute gold standard in slapstick comedy. Too many quotes to remember his 10 best.
  3. Randall-Clerks This guy set the world on fire with pure Jersey attitude and hilarious one liners.
  4. Borat- Rewatched this just last week. And it didn’t lose ONE GODDAMN STEP. Hopefully the sequel is 1/5 as funny as the first was. This STILL is the funniest film in the last 15 years.
  5. Al Czervik-Caddyshack- Tied for first as my favorite standup comedian. 40 years later, his character is still on the Mt Rushmore. And oh yeah, I have an Al Czervik Halloween costume.
  6. Axel Foley-Beverly Hills Cop The first 2, not the PG-13 third one.
  7. Brody-Mallrats See Randall from Clerks
  8. Oskar Schindler-Schindler’s List. A real laugh riot and panty dropper, just kidding. Jim Carrey-Ace Ventura is still a pants pissor
  9. Ryan Dunn- his final stunt was amazing. Just kidding. Johnny Knoxville-Jackass films 3 films of pure hilarity and I can’t wait for the 4th.
  10. Roland Flakfizer-Brain Donors He spits out one liners as the rate as a Thompson machine gun. One of the funniest films you’ve never seen.

Kevin Israel’s quotes

1.       Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters) – Dry, snarky, and sometimes cruel. He will always be my number 1.

2.       Ty Webb (Caddyshack) – Cocky but he didn’t give a fuck. A truly complex asshole.

3.       Carl Spackler (Caddyshack) – Truly a Cinderella story.

4.       Fletch (Fletch) – Don’t we all wish they we can do anything and STILL get the girl? Maybe I just adore Chevy Chase.

5.       Van Wilder (Van Wilder) – Ryan Reynolds at his best? Maybe. A glimpse into the Deadpool who would be? Probably. Hysterical? No doubt.

6.       Bluto (Animal House) – There were a lot of funny scenes in this classic, but Bluto was the one, always funny character. Who wouldn’t want to slam a bottle of Jack with this big man?

7.       Dr. Rumack (Airplane!) – This was one of the first comedies I remember seeing and for years I said, “We’re all counting on you.” Nielsen at his finest.

8.       Donkey (Shrek) – Eddie Murphy is hysterical, but as a Donkey…homerun. Let’s be honest, Donkey made these movies.

9.       Austin Powers (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me) – I often forget, but this bucktoothed Brit is hysterical. Yeah baby!

10.   Kirk Lazarus (Tropic Thunder) – This dude, dressed up as a dude, playing another dude is still hysterical. I doubt they’d be able to pull that character off today, but I’m glad they did while they could.

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