The boys at GTSC podcast tell you what to watch as well as sidestep the garbage 5/28/21

What KG saw:

Barb and Star go to Vista Del (Mar 2021)

Kristen Wig and some other actress are 2 single midwest ladies who want to go on vacation where a super villain is planning her revenge on Vista Del Mar.

Ugh. Not many jokes combined with a never ending midwest accent with cutesy poo anecdotes, nah. Critics loved it and I should’ve known better as Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced this. More problems are these characters are heavy on quirk and little on funny. It just tries to absurd itself into funny and there is nothing memorable nor quotable about this.


Land of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead

2 recent of the “Night of the Living Dead” films. Survivors hide in a mall in one of them and in the other, they hide out in a high rise while zombies try to eat them like Fortune Feimster at a Golden Corral. Solid yet mindless fun. 6.5/10 for both

Vice (2018)

Christian Bale yo-yos his weight in yet another film but this one, he eats more than 5 pregnant women to play Dick Cheney. This is the second Adam McKay film that dealt with a historical event, the first being “The Big Short.” We learn in this adaptation that GWB was basically a puppet for Cheney to virtually act as president as Cheney created the protocol to do so. We also learn Lynn Cheney (Amy Adams) is supportive and a tough cookie. Obviously, you’re meant to feel like Cheney was a bad guy and the last 2 minutes, Bale breaks the 4th wall to address it. It’s good but you’re not rewatching this multiple times.


Army of the Dead (2021) 

  • After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.
  • This Zack Snyder helmed Zombie romp stars Dave Bautista and checks all the boxes if you’re looking for a fun, mindless action movie that harkens back to a similar time. A friend said this is one of the best zombie movies he’d ever seen and I don’t think I disagree.

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