Things which NEVER happen in movies. This week’s: That Doesn’t Happen 4/19/21


Kevin Gootee’s choice

We just did Meet the Parents and the scene where they’re playing pool volleyball and the one gal takes the volleyball in the face. Blythe Danner jumps into the pool in full entire clothing because her daughter got…a bloody nose. Stop it, parents aren’t jumping in unless their kids have cramps or start drowning. And even then, they’ll kick off their shoes and take their cell phones out of their pockets before diving in. That just DOESN’T HAPPEN!

Kevin Israel’s choice

It costs money. When it’s time to pay for a good or service, you probably pay with a card. But if you’re paying cash, you’ll open your wallet, count out some bills, then hand it over and wait for change. If you’re my mom you don’t have to wait because she always pays with exact change down to the penny. BUT, in a movie, you just dig in a pocket and throw some cash at the cabby, waiter, bartender. Is it the right amount? Of course it is. Change? Keep it, ya filthy animal. Yeah, that doesn’t happen!

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2 thoughts on “Things which NEVER happen in movies. This week’s: That Doesn’t Happen 4/19/21

  1. I have to admit that I actually did that “throw the money” thing with a cashier at a grocery store. My kid needed a bottle of water for her soccer game. We ran into the store, got the water, which cost like $1.19, I blew past three people, held up the water, shouted what was up, tossed two bucks on the counter and fled like the filthy animal I am.

    1. I do that too, throw more than enough to cover it and walk out if there’s a line. My time is more important than degenerates that have a “system” for lottery tickets.

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