Tip top movie quotes to tickle your fancies 11/11/21

Kevin Israel cites:

“Well that’ll just about cover the flybys” – Top Gun (1986)

  • After Viper gets chewed out by the airboss for Maverick’s buzzing of his tower at supersonic speed, Viper give this line before bringing Mav and Goose into his office for a “talking to”.
  • Top Gun is an insanely quotable movie, but this is one of the lesser cited lines. I love it, because it communicates exactly what Viper is feeling at the moment. Any time I’m in a situation where I’m so frustrated I’m not sure what to do, I’ll mutter this to myself and smile.

Kevin Gootee cites:

“Well why not think me a chocolate donut with some sprinkles”- The Fugitive (1993)

Joey Pants is thinking on how to find Richard Kimble but Tommy Lee Jones is a man of action. Anytime someone says, “I’m thinking” there’s your retort.

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