7/27 Top 10 Kick ass movie trailers

Top 10 Kick ass movie trailers

The Matrix film AND trailer changed KG and KIs’ lives

You know what always grabs our attention?  Kick ass movie trailers.  Especially ones that send a tingle up your spine, a shiver up your butthole, which ever term you fancy best.  Here is the list of trailers KG and KI thought were AMAZING.  Remember, it’s not the film we thought was amazing but the trailer that hooked us in.


1. Dark Knight-After Batman Begins hooked us back into the Bat universe and especially the ending, we all were like crack fiends waiting for the Joker and man, this trailer sent me up the walls with anticipations: https://youtu.be/EXeTwQWrcwY

2. Wonder Woman 1984-I wasn’t crazy about the first movie but goddamn, the remix of Blue Monday KICKS ass alone sucked me on for this: https://youtu.be/sfM7_JLk-84

3. Dark Knight Rises-And after the opus that was the Dark Knight, this trailer combing the music and tone DEFINITELY sent shivers up my butthole.  I mean, wow.  the kid opening with the national anthem.  And then Catwoman teasing him to future events…man, this is great.  https://youtu.be/GokKUqLcvD8

4. Blade-I knew nothing of the story of Blade.  Initial reaction was meh, another vampire film.  But they got into more of how he’s different and what really hooked me, the insane soundtrack.  Knew this would be a winner and it was.  https://youtu.be/kaU2A7KyOu4

5. Matrix- Saw the preview in college.  Had no idea what the hell I was witnessing except I knew I had to see how people could dodge buildings and leap like Superman from building to building

6. Avengers Endgame- How could you not get psyched while watching this as they do a quick mini-history on some of the greatest superheroes ever while hyping the culmination of the entire universe?  https://youtu.be/TcMBFSGVi1c

7. American Pie 2- Loved the first one and after seeing the first seconds of this combined with Stiffler yelling in the back of the truck, I was fired up for this.  And they hit all the key beats in this preview as well as the film.  https://youtu.be/cSGvEfL0qRM

8. Back to the Future 2-If the nostalgia didn’t hit you square in the face with this one, I can’t help you.  https://youtu.be/MdENmefJRpw

9. Jurassic World-I was DONE after the 3rd one and this played during the Superbowl.  And what hooked me?  The slow piano theme heard here.  You barely see any footage and I already knew for some dumb reason, I was in.  https://youtu.be/bvu-zlR5A8Q

10. Star Wars Episode 3-You mix in Obi Wan Kenobi and the descent of Anakin into the Dark Side?  I was hooked from the jump.  https://youtu.be/opfJIo__ANQ


1.  Batman (1989) – Up until this point people only associated Bats with cartoons an the 70s show. This was the first time many got to experience the dark, gritty caped crusader.

2.  Independence Day – this movie came out and nobody really knew what it was about, it only looked awesome and featured the White House being destroyed. Back in the 90’s that was good enough

3.  The Matrix – Wow, another trailer that gave away nothing but got everyone interested. I long for the days of going into movies with no idea what they were about!

4.  The Blair Witch – I HATED this movie, but the trailers and the marketing were undeniable.

5.  X-Men – This is a personal favorite. I was a X-Men geek since I was 12, so getting to see my favorite mutants in the flesh was amazing.

6.  RoboCop (1987) – Holy crap did this get 11-year Kevin’s heart racing!  A violent cyborg? I begged my folks to see it for weeks every time the trailer came on TV.

7.  Jurassic Park – This was another enormous marketing campaign that built huge buzz with some great trailers. As a dino-freak I ate up every ounce of marketing material…pun intended.

8.  Paranormal Activity – the marketing around this movie was so good, people believed that the trailers were showing real footage.

9.  E.T. – I mean, c’mon. It’s E.T.

10.   The Hulk (2003) – Yeah, this one was a DUD, but I went nuts when I first saw this trailer. I loved the Hulk and freaked when they announced the movie. I was incredibly disappointed by Ang Lee’s disaster, but the trailers made me feel like I was 8 again.

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