Top Movie news you’ll find everywhere as well as on GTSC podcast 5/27/21

Kevin Gootee’s item:

I watched the Eternals trailer and it did nothing for me. No plot reveal nor a villain and these superheroes didn’t show much off at all. So my news is quick and simple: Jackass 4 is coming out October 24th and I can’t wait. Johnny Knoxville says this is his last Jackass film and at 50 years old, I can’t say I blame him.

Kevin Israel’s item:

The long awaited trailer for Marvel’s “Eternals” movie dropped this week. Featuring stars like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Kit Harrington, this MCU feature focuses on a team of immortal, god-like beings who have hidden in plain sight throughout history. Yo, thanks for the help with Thanos killing half  of everyone, guys! I’m sure the movie will address that and more, but it sounds like this movie could be another big step forward for the MCU storyline and could get us closer to things like mutants and…the X-Men! The trailer was light on plot and heavy on visuals and characters. With the movie not due until November, there is plenty of time to learn more and build excitement. This trailer didn’t do a whole lot for me but, it’s Marvel, so I’m excited just cause! 

Author: gtscpodcast