Trailer Calls: will it be good or will it suck? 9/18/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s trailer:

Halloween Kills:

Did you see the second trailer for this? Maybe 10-20 seconds of story and the rest is Michael Myers MURDERING EVERY FUCKING ONE IN HIS PATH. I love the first one, I have no trepidations about this one either.

Kevin Israel’s trailer:

Matrix Revolutions.

I loved the first matrix, in fact, we just covered it on the podcast. The sequels were terrible for a whole slew of reasons, so when they started talking about a fourth movie I was skeptical to say the least. Well, we finally have a trailer and I’m not gonna lie, it looks good. Keanu looks like John Wick and they have some new guy playing a young Morpheus, but the trailer left me intrigued and, dare I say, excited. I think Revolutions will do big numbers (for a COVID release), but I’m withholding judgment on if it will actually be good. Here’s to hoping.

Author: gtscpodcast