Trailer talk 12/19/21 GTSC podcast Nicholas Cage movie

Trailer Talk this week has the Nicholas Cage version of JCVD, the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

KI thinks:

An obsessive fan forces actor Nicolas Cage to re-create his most famous characters and scenes during a birthday party.

·         I love it when actors become self-aware of their own ridiculous, and it seems that Cage is fully embracing this. This movie looks like a fun time with Cage playing himself in an over-the-top action romp. It’s hard to come down hard on a trailer when the movie it’s pushing is so damn up front. Good for Nic and here’s to hoping the movie is as good as the trailer looks.

KG thinks:

This is the most meta thing Cage has done since Con Air. A self-effacing film that could fun but if you think I’m dropping $15 bucks on this, you’re insane. I’ll wait till Netflix

KG thinks

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