We’re SICK of some of these movie tropes in this week’s THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN! 6/30/13

Kevin Gootee decrees:

NO. MORE. HEROES. THROWING. AWAY. THEIR. ADVANTAGES. Just watched Taken for an upcoming episode which inspired this post and if I’m repeating myself, sorry. But I’m sick of when the bad guy is backed into a corner and the hero has a gun/ sword/vicious case of covid and the hero throws said weapon away. FUCK OUTTA HERE

Kevin Israel decrees:

The distraction scare. You know how sometimes you think something’s behind you or lurking in a corner, and then a harmless cat or kid jumps out, but then, when your defenses are down, the true danger is revealed! No, of course not. It doesn’t happen. Sure, in movies if the tension is building and then seems to suddenly relieve itself due to a harmless discovery, you can count on something really awful about to happen. But in real life, I’ve never seen it. Yet. Right? Wait, what’s that behind me??

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