We’re sick of stuff with movies and we’re not going to take it anymore on the GTSC podcast THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 6/8/21

Kevin Gootee: We did the Departed on this podcast and boy, I had a REAL problem when they threw Martin Sheen’s character off of the roof and when he landed, he had 5 streaks of blood on his face. Bullshit, he fell 6 stories, he should be a gelatinous mess. That green Members Only jacket should be “2nd day period blood red” and the rest of him should look like Jenna Jameson’s pussy.

Kevin Israel: Have you bought a car? Of course you have, and it’s a miserable experience. Once you’ve picked the car it’s, at a minimum, 2-3 hours before you actually drive off in the thing. Stacks of paperwork, approvals, haggling, and credit checks. Brutal. But, not if you’re living in a movie. Car-buying in a  movie is as easy as throwing some cash at the salesperson and driving out of the showroom with the car – they NEVER sell the showroom car! AND what about registration, insurance, and tags?? Who cares!!! You’re in a movie. Enjoy your new Ferrari, Mr. dangerous-looking-man-with-cash-buying ability! 

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