What else makes you yell, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN” in movies? 2/8/21

Kevin Israel’s That Doesn’t Happen:

This is one that always drives me nuts. When characters are on the verge of a major revelation and they question the only person who knows what’s actually happening, and the one in the know says something ultra vague like, “you’ll know in due time” or “I can’t explain it now.” Then the scene changes. WHAT? Nope. I’d be like, “no, dude, you’re telling me now! We’re not going to fight the zombie king, or flying to the alien mothership, or digging to the Earth’s core, until you tell me everything you shady SOB!” 

Come one! When would a real person,who’s about to put themselves in harm’s way, accept these ethereal responses. Whenever I see characters just shrug at this nonsense I find myself shouting, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!”


I know I’m nitpicking but this is lazy screenwriting. Can we stop with the trope where soldiers are in a war and someone scream, “YOU ALL WANT TO LIVE FOREVER? LET’S GO!” I had 2 grandfathers in WW2 (on our side, not Germany’s, Kevin Israel) and they both said they were shitting their pants 98% of the time they were deployed. No one is running out there with a death wish unless he has a bomb strapped to his chest.

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2 thoughts on “What else makes you yell, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN” in movies? 2/8/21

  1. Maybe you guys mentioned this already, but…Any time in a movie where a woman (and not being sexist here, but this trope almost always involves women) who is somewhere between 18 and 25, arrives in a new city (almost always New York or L.A.) and she walks into a bar or restaurant desperate for a job, gets hired on the spot, and falls in IMMEDIATELY with a group of cool friends, each of which themselves represents some other cool or hip personality or stereotype. And everything goes her way from then on…

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