What we’ve seen and what you should sidestep 5/12/21

Kevin Gootee’s viewings:

Star Trek Into Darkness:

Meh. Starfleet gets attacked, a guy who turns out to be Khan has a weird story. Had a few good moments but tried too many nods to Star Trek 2.


Without Remorse (2021)

  • Seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife, an elite Navy SEAL uncovers a covert plot that threatens to engulf the United States and Russia in an all-out war.
  • This movie is based off a popular Tom Clancy book and stars Michael B. Jordan. That sentence alone should be enough for four out of five stars, so I went into this ready for a fun, action-packed thriller. Sadly, it did not deliver. MBJ’s performance was solid, but his character was a retread of countless others – a badass (we know he’s badass because they say so) Navy Seal out for revenge!  The plot plodded along without any real direction and no clear antagonist. The climax’s twist was telegraphed in the first act and the surprise at the end is no surprise at all. The action was impressive, but nothing we haven’t seen before in far better movies. There are few things worse than a boring action movie. 3/

Author: gtscpodcast