You know what else annoys us with movies? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 4/5/21 the twosome continue to share what annoys us!

Kevin Israel’s problem

I’m 44 and hangovers now last for 3-4 days. Each day brings a pleasant variety of symptoms, from headaches, to exhaustion, to my digestive system protesting all forms of nourishment. The first two days, I am nearly useless so i would like to know the movie hero secret for rapid hangover recovery. You know what I mean. The drunk, washed up cop/soldier/operative is called back to duty because s/he has the only set of skills that can handle this mission. Just give him a black cup of coffee and hill be going hand-to-hand with ninjas in no time. Is it a wellness shot? Is it a transfusion? How do they do it. Because if the CIA came to me the night after a bender and said I needed to parachute into enemy territory and rescue a Congressman’s daughter, I’d look them dead in the eye and say, “sorry, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!”

Kevin Gootee’s problem

We just taped “Superman” with our buddy, Bill Schulz. And this may seem lazy from me but here we go again. Can screenwriters acknowledge that certain character roles have certain ceilings? Lois Lane has a MONSTROUS balcony on a newspaper salary in Metropolis (NYC)? Bull-fucking-shit. Stop it, newspaper reporters probably make mid 70k now which means they have 6 floor walkup in Spanish Harlem or live with 5 roommates. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!

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