You know you love our THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 5/31/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s pick:

I saw “A Quiet Place 2” this weekend. The opening scene is set during the day of the invasion. At one point, before all hell breaks loose, John Krazininski’s character walks by a parked pickup truck with a dog sitting in the bed. The owner is nowhere to be seen and that dog is just patiently staying in the back. Look, I have two dogs. If I left them in the back of an open pickup truck they’d be gone within 30 seconds. I’m sure someone had an immaculately trained dog who would stay for hours, but in my house…well….THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

Motherfucking Israel stole my TDH. Welp, plan B now. So I rewatched Bound this weekend and after Joey Pants kills one of the mob guys in the living room, a pool of blood formed on the carpet. One of the cops stepped into the carpet and I don’t care how how thick of shoes you’re wearing, you KNOW when you step into something while on carpet. ESPECIALLY when it’s wet and throw in the blood factor, stickiness. But no, the cop just walks away whistling dixie. ANY cop worth his salt would’ve stopped, stepped back, and investigate what that mushy feeling was.

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