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Gutting the Sacred Cow, the ultimate destination for movie lovers seeking hilarious and insightful film reviews. Join hosts Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel as they blend the worlds of comedy and film debate like never before.


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Hosted by the dynamic duo of Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel, both renowned stand-up comedians and self-proclaimed film snobs, Gutting the Sacred Cow takes a unique approach to movie reviews. In each episode, they invite fellow comedians and podcasters to challenge the status quo by selecting movies they consider overrated or simply hate. 

However, there’s a twist: the chosen film must meet one of three criteria—it must be financially successful, widely beloved, or critically acclaimed. With Gutting the Sacred Cow, you can expect a blend of comedy, critique, and compelling conversations that delve into the very fabric of the film industry. Whether you’re a die-hard movie buff, someone looking for a good laugh, or simply seeking thought-provoking discussions about popular films, this podcast has it all. 

Join us as we boldly dissect and challenge the sacred cows of cinema, exposing the hidden flaws and celebrating the underrated gems. Tune in to Gutting the Sacred Cow and prepare to embark on a hilarious and enlightening cinematic journey that will leave you entertained, informed, and questioning the very foundations of beloved movies


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