GSC 133 | Batman 1989
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Episode 133: Blockbuster Mentality Boys Bive RABIES To Batman 1989 GTSC Podcast

Another titan just may fall on this podcast! Ben and Dave from @blockbustermentality return to attempt and obliterate every Gen-X…

GSC 128 | Back To The Future
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Episode 128: David The Producer ELECTROCUTES Back To The Future Episode 128 GTSC Podcast

At the risk of sounding viciously redundant, here we go again. ANOTHER bulletproof film that Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel…

man sitting on floor with his shadow on wall
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Film news that’s neither here nor there 2/9/22

KG reporting live from the trenches: Let’s file this in the “what in the actual fuck” category: there was going…

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Movie news 2/5/22 that’s better than Whoopi Goldberg’s shaved eyebrows

Kevin Gootee shares: Channing Tatum said he can’t watch Marvel movies because he never got the chance to play Gambit….

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Movie news that ANGERED us 1/25/22

KG is disgusted to report: GODDAMN YOU PARAMOUNT! You must hate money because you’ve delayed Mission Impossible 7 and 8…