More movie silliness we enjoyed calling out in this week’s THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 11/2/21

KG’s TDH: We did Big on the podcast for an upcoming episode and wow, there a LOT of TDH moments….

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Movie quotes for you to tell your buddies at your next sewing circle 6/16/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s pick: “We lib da pigh anna da…We lib da pigh anna da.” Waterboy (1998) After a rough loss,…

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More favorite movie quotes from your favorite dynamic duo 4/25/21

Kevin Gootee’s quote this week “What’s that sign say?” “No bare feet.” “What’s THAT sign say?” “No fighting.” “What’s it…

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Movie sequels we’d love to see or wished never came to the light of day 3/19/21

KG’s sequel How about a sequel to the Proposal to make Kevin Israel happy? You know what wouldn’t be the…


Ever see a film where something occurs and you feel the need to yell out, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN?” Well, we do that in our newest segment 1/11/21

Welcome to our newest segment, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN, where Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel each give you something that films…