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Movie quotes to make you a regular (living) Siskel and Ebert 4/13/21 GTSC Podcast

Kevin Gootee’s quote: “Game over man, Game over!”-Aliens (1986) -Probably Bill Paxton’s most memorable line in any of his movies…

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Movies we’ve seen to save you time or to give you a hot tip 2/3/21

Searching 2018- John Cho (1/2 of the MILF guys from American Pie and Harold from Harold and Kumar) has his…

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Movies we’ve recently seen but sadly, nothing new being released 1/13/21

KG’s films The Last American Virgin 1982- The what? Exactly. This tried to be Porky’s a year after the fact….

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#listof10 Top party scenes in movies 11/16/20

Animal House – Toga Party: Let’s be honest, this was the mother of all parties that lead to every college…

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The BEST #listof10 funniest movie characters

What am I basing this on? Quotability and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still laugh my…