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More sequels we want to see or just wish would curl up and die. 6/6/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s choice: I think the world deserves Deuce Bigalow 3. Just kidding, the 2nd one was outlawed by the…

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Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel have YOUR free time in their best interests: here’s what we’ve watched 6/2/21

What Kevin Gootee has watched: A Quiet Place 2: Kevin Israel whipped up a video of both of our reviews…

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What movies are worthwhile and what should you avoid like a jalapeño colonic 4/21/21

Kevin Gootee doesn’t recommend… Throw Momma from the Train (1987) No real desire to see this as a youngster and…


What annoys you about films that they try to pass off as “normal” occurrences? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 3/15/21 GTSC PODCAST

Kevin Gootee’s selection: Sports movies where the coach has a kid and they kid is insanely annoying and overly rambunctious….